Maestia Rhino

The unique fantasy MMORPG

  • "Quality doesn’t have to be costly."
    "...there’s an enormous potential here!" 
    - buffed.de 


  • "... we recommend Maestia—Rise of Keledus to every fan of the genre."
    - Chip free2play 

  • "The facelift really made a difference to the game!"
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Ruled by the goddess Ia, peace and harmony once reigned in the world of Maestia. Peoples’ faith lasted for decades. But with the rise of Keledus, who crowned himself King of Darkness, society was divided into two factions: The Temple Knights and the Superion Guardians. Both groups unite in the battle against evil, but the belief in self-determination held by the peoples of Superion clashes with the godliness of the Temple Knights.


  • Sale: Grab rare Lucky Spin items

    Heroes of Maestia! The Barbarian and Pirate armor sets and other legendary pets and mounts are back for a limited time only! Here's your chance to grab some of these magnificent armor parts and other premium items. more
  • Bloody Superion is active!

    Heroes of Maestia, the new game mode Bloody Superion is now activated and will start for the first time in the next minutes. more
  • User Survey

    Your opinion counts! Help us to improve the game by filling out the survey. more
  • Bloody Superion Update

    Heroes of Maestia, this latest update comes with new PVP excitement in Bloody Superion Survival Mode. Additionally, you will now be able to enchant your armor up to +15 and get even stronger. With level 105 summoning pearls you can get the perfect equipment for enchantments. And as a new mount we have placed the ghost dragon in the lucky spin striking fear into your enemies hearts. more


  • Raid Boss Taros
  • Golem Vendetta in PvP
  • Tenebra
  • Elle of Stone

Maestia – A fantastic blockbuster-style MMORPG

Maestia takes the player into the fantasy world of an epic MMORPG. Their task is to free the world from the clutches of Keledus, the Lord of Darkness. The game skillfully combines adventure, action and strategy into one online role playing game, which will soon have you losing track of time.


Maestia represents the end of many gamers' search for a premium quality free-to-play fantasy MMORPG. The player enters an expansive world in which they can achieve something immediately. Keledus, the feared Lord of Darkness, has defeated the former goddess Ia and has seized power himself. Now chaos reigns. It is a time for heroes to serve the forces of good and order. But every player should be warned: If you accept the challenge, you will have to prove yourself in battles. Friends can quickly become your enemies. Trust is therefore something not to be granted so readily in this game.

Character development, quests and PvP battles

After starting this game, you will next have to create a character. You can choose from four classes (Mage, Cleric, Warrior or Ranger). Over the course of time, many hundreds of skills, weapons, suits of armor and mounts will become available. It is therefore key to level up quickly. To do so, you can complete exciting quests, in which you will need to battle nasty boss monsters. Human players can form guilds to overcome the most difficult tasks together. But be warned: Humanity is also at war. The Temple Knights and the Superion Guards are fighting each other. Countless PvP battles await the player, with up to 200 participants each.

Starting the game

The MMORPG is free. This means the required Maestia download client is free of charge. After that, the player can jump straight into the fantastic world and enjoy countless adventures. Installing the game is simple and won't cause experienced gamers any problems at all. The installation process has also been designed so that it won't cause newcomers any problems either. With a fast Internet connection, the process should take no longer than a couple of minutes.

More info online

If you are looking for further information about the game, for example, to find out which class would suit you best or how to level up, you will find the answer you are looking for in the Maestia Wiki. Alternatively, you can also ask questions in the Maestia forum. This is also a great way of getting into contact with other Maestia players. The forum is often the place where players who later go on to form guilds first meet. So no gamer has to defy the forces of evil alone for too long.